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Meta Meditation: GREEN-Series-Articles


The GREEN Series Articles

The article of the GREEN Series leads you into your brain and how your ego is surfing the waves of your neural networks.

You will understand your programs and your personality from a holographic perspective and your brain as the very core of all your experiences of reality and illusion!


The contents of the GREEN-Series-Articles eBOOK:

Article #1:  Important Information About Information

Article #2:  The 4 Brains in Our Head

Article #3:  The Quantum-Holographic Brain

Article #4:  What is Holography?

Article #5:  From Experience to Ego

Article #6:  How Your Parent’s Traumas Become your Holo-Show

Article #7:  Upgrade Your Ego from Hamsterwheel Racing to Hammock-Swinging


An adventurous journey into your brain’s hardware and software (personality) – with exciting perspectives to gain control of your ego, indeed!


35 pages – in PDF-Format – 3.0 MB


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