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Meta Meditation: GOLDEN-Series-Articles


The GOLDEN Series Articles

All the profound, incomparable difference to existing meditation methods and systems is accomplished by mainly one of the three modules of Meta Meditation: OMR Eye-Movement Protocols.

Along with the GOLDEN-Series Articles, you find an introduction to the fantastic features of your eye-muscle-brain-connection! 


The contents of the GOLDEN-Series-Articles eBOOK:

Article #1:  Oculo-Motor Regulation – OMR

Article #2:  5 Hidden Secrets of Eye-Movements

Article #3:  The 3 Major Benefits of OMR

Article #4:  5 OMR Eye-Movement Protocols

Article #5:  SOMA – Systemic Oculo-Motor Activation 

Article #6:  Oculo-Motor Processing – OMP

Article #7:  Kirlian Analysis

Article #8:  A Kirlian OMR Study


Basic insights in the eyelectronics and how to control brain activities through OMR eye-movement protocols!


45 pages – in PDF-Format – 6.0 MB


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